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Talking to your HCP about pain

Talking to your clinician about pain

Talking to your HCP about long-term pain

Talking to your clinician
about long-term pain

What to ask your GP

What to ask your GP

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Sign the Bill of Rights - There are five key rights that we believe will help improve the life of those people affected by chronic pain.

Share your personal story about chronic pain - In order to help people understand the burden of living with chronic pain, we would like to invite you to share your own personal experiences (anonymously if desired) of living with this condition. Your story may be displayed on this site to provide support to others living with chronic pain and also be used to inform the development of a European wide report about the current management of chronic pain. Chronic pain sufferers from around the world will be interested in reading your story, however please do refrain from referencing any specific medicines or other conditions.

Capture the sense of chronic pain through photography - They say a picture speaks a thousand words so we're looking for inspiring photos that illustrate "what your pain is like on a good day and what your pain is like on a bad day". What does chronic pain feel like? What does it look like? Share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences about chronic pain using photos.

Read the Pain Proposal -  The Pain Proposal is a report in to the impact of pain in European. One in five Europeans (19%) is estimated to suffer from chronic pain. As well as undermining the ability of those affected to lead productive working, social and family lives, it also represents a significant burden to wider society and to European economies. Estimates of the direct and indirect costs to Europe run into the billions. With an ageing population and greater pressure for people to stay in work for longer, the problem is set to escalate. Yet awareness, understanding and intervention are limited.

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